Saturday, January 28, 2012

Food review #1

From time to time, as circumstances warrant, we'll do a food review here on Route 66, a journey. I understand there is food available on Route 66, so hopefully this theme can be repeated occasionally through the trip. It's important to practice eating.

Today we review the Trader Joe's Raspberry Tarte. We were in the frozen aisle when the words "Product of France" grabbed our attention like a flashing neon sign.

Then, we read the following text right next to the Nutrition Facts table and ingredients list (both ignored):

Start with a simple and deliciously flaky butter-y crust. Line it with a thin layer of vanilla cream and pile with whole raspberries. Freeze it and ship it from the South of France.

OK! We took the box home, wondering how good a frozen dessert product from halfway around the world could actually be.

As it turns out, really really good. The raspberries taste real. Not like the Trader Joe's fresh raspberries from Chile, but like patisserie-real. The crust tastes real, too - like butter. It's a cookie crust, the pate brisee, just the right thickness. French pastries seem to have a sense of balance and proportion. Not too sweet, which is the real test. I recommend defrosting, then warming for the absolute minimum interval in the microwave to fully appreciate the delicate flavors of fruit and crust.

No whipped cream necessary. This item would be great served in a hilltop town at a local cafe with a terrace, on a summer day.

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