Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meaningful work

OK, so we're on for next Tuesday Jan 17! Time to tour SBI and see first-hand what they're doing. I have lots of questions. What are the common themes and issues for their clients? Brain injury has some definite patterns. Most of them run under people's radar, which makes me grateful on some days and outraged on others. Christine Camara is the Executive Director. We're scheduled to meet at 10am; hope I pass muster.

A few weeks ago, I went to their website:

Right away, I dig the domain name. Over the past 3 years, caring has gravitated to a front and center position for me. Some people REALLY care; others, not as much. For me, caring rates higher than remembering stuff, higher than multitasking, higher than pretending nothing happened. When someone cares, I can master all other challenges.

The SBI fundraiser this year has a Route 66 theme. It actually started the idea for my tour. It's the genesis. Did you ever have things come together in a weird and unpredictable way? If this trip and my stories can help SBI, that would make me really happy. I've been looking for meaningful work. Maybe this?

I'm so excited!

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