Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another good hair day in Woodside

Needed a haircut and today was the day. No camera - the battery is still recharging.

But the Seven and I head out toward Woodside. The traffic seems heavy and super-charged, even though these are kind of rural roads. I'm missing Death Valley already.

Up Old La Honda. It gets a lot quieter, but still. North on Skyline to Kings Mountain. Screaming downhill to Woodside. It's like a summer day - jacket not strictly necessary.

Carly cuts my hair. As usual I head over to the cafe for a euro-style lunch. Normally, this makes me happy and reminds me of vacation. Today it is just lunch and not one thing more. At one point, it's like 'where IS everyone?' Who cares whether lunch is salad with wild salmon and hard-cooked egg instead of PB&J. It's too quiet!

At camp we ate every meal together, laughing and talking. With around 20 tents set up on 3 campsites, it  felt like living in a dorm. And suddenly it's all gone, everyone is back in their life. As it should be, and yet...

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