Thursday, February 9, 2012

Checking back in

I rode yesterday but didn't write about it. It was your basic Woodside Loop + Altamont for a hill. Gorgeous riding weather. Pinch me.

This week, though, mostly I've been arranging a trip to Death Valley. Hence the silence on Route 66, a journey.

Every year at this time, a group of local cyclists go to Death Valley. They camp in one spot and then do day rides for a week. Food is provided, and food is a big part of the trip. Its name, in fact, is the Death Valley Supper Tour. It's like Europe here in California!

This will be my first time. It's important to stretch and try new things.

However, there have been BEAUCOUP logistics. Most of it is my fault. I am simply unwilling at the moment to get in a private car and drive down I-5.

TBI makes this difficult in at least 3 ways.

  • It's hard to recoup from post-traumatic stress when my brain is still not back to "normal". It's like it's in some kind of hopscotch overload between TBI and PTSD. The outcome is my brain doesn't know how to constructively address either one.
  • I totally forgot that the trip was this week. Thought I had a couple more weeks to try to make things work. So, rushed.
  • Taking caffeine is a major issue when it comes to dealing with post-traumatic stress. My anxiety starts to interfere with normal activities, like calmly sitting in the passenger seat when another person is driving the car. Or, driving myself! Without caffeine I'm OK, but can't execute.
Then, there are the trip logistics. How to get from the Las Vegas airport to Death Valley? Ride found, incredibly, but where do I meet my ride? Political statement: why is it so weird to want to get from Las Vegas to Death Valley without renting a car?

Lists and stuff not on the lists. Where is the stuff sack for the  sleeping bag? Where is my hat? How do I get my stuff to the local guy who is driving down, so I can fly? What needs to go with that guy and what needs to come with me on the plane?

Thus this week, I have visited the depths of self-loathing. Hopefully, it will all be worthwhile. 6 days of structured, casual riding. Cool social atmostphere. Good food without cooking!

Death Valley in February. Unbelievably beautiful scenery. If I can just get there...

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