Friday, March 16, 2012

Looks can be deceiving

Packing goes faster, thanks to the 200k the week before last. Did find the neoprene socks. One of the problems with owning neoprene socks is being drawn to situations where they might be useful!

But the weather gods have grown more optimistic. Now it's only a 30% chance of showers, a high of 41, and probably no snow accumulation.

That's a hard profession, meteorology. Buoys, satellites, computer models. Hard to know what's actually going to happen until the moment arrives! The thrill of uncertainty might explain why it also happens to be an obsession of cyclists. Weather speculation, that is. We talk about POPs (probability of precipitation). We check the RAWs data (remote weather stations). When a cold front approaches, we know it from the south wind. It rotates counterclockwise around a massive hub of low pressure.

They think this particular front will split in two tonight, with one half scooting north toward the Pacific Northwest and the other dropping south toward Monterey. The 300k route is somewhere in the middle, so tomorrow we might only deal with cold temps.

Bella, Resident Kitty, also seems to know when an area of low pressure is on the way. When this happens or when stressed for other reasons, she chews on things. Usually fabric.

For example, the top of Cobb would be the perfect place to don my Capilene balaclava. Only get to wear it once in a while...

Unfortunately it won't be coming on the trip. Its body was discovered a few weeks ago under the bed. Bella had stashed in under there and worked on it.

Adorable, no?

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