Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quadratus Lumborum, a haiku

Oh, mighty QL,
mysteries sunk deep in spine,
bridging rib and hip.

The QL muscle was what pre-empted the Sierra Foothills credit card tour, and caused all those visits to Dr. F and Dr. S.

Quadratus lumborum muscle pain is usually deep, cryptic, and aching, but may be lancinating during movement. In severe cases it may prevent clients from standing or walking, and its “devastatingly urgent” pain may necessitate moving on the hands and knees until relief is obtained.

The hands-and-knees pain, that was 2 months ago. Today thanks to skilled practitioners, there's pretty much no pain. We may disagree on root cause but cycling seems to help overall (as long as I'm careful not to yank it around).

With continued wellness, my QL can accompany me on Route 66. If needed, the motels have ice machines and my gear bag will carry the ibuprofen. The practitioners don't need to know, do they?

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