Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Montebello V

C. is coming to clean the house. Also I have an appointment 20 miles to the south. Time to work in a Montebello climb. It's been a while!

I've been dragging my feet since the 300k. The weather on the other hand has definitely not. Can't quite figure out how to get the March rainfall totals for Black Mountain. The Internet is great, but not that great! Let's just say "a lot". Finally, rain.

One data point is Mount Umunhum, the peak just south of Black Mountain. Last week over 9 inches of precip. Another is Stevens Creek Reservoir at the base of Montebello. As of today 65% full, after close to zero rain this winter.

Last night we stayed up to watch the weather person on TV. This morning would be wet and showery as yesterday's storm moved through. This morning looking out the window, more like partly sunny. No complaints! Like I said, meterology is a hard profession....

Packed laptop and a change of clothes and some warm stuff in a pannier. Headed off down our street on my smooth, comfortable, not exactly fast bike. That's because the new wheels are on, with the generator hub and everything! Ruffy Tuffies. Luggage on the bike. Slower but realistic.

Wow, that's hard.

Rounding the corner to Montebello Road, as usual I clank down into the little ring and keep clicking down gears. In the next-to-lowest gear I think I can do this. This is the reason for the low gears. The road is wet but loads of traction with the big tires.

Today's pictures are all of the sky.

At the Ridge vineyard at the top, a coyote sniffs through the rows of vines.

The turn around point has to be the gate because of mud issues and time constraints. It's not even cold on the descent. I head through Stevens Canyon, then south along busy Highway 9 toward Los Gatos. Los Gatos Creek Trail leads right to downtown Campbell.

Where it's time to meet a couple of folks from SBI about the auction....


  1. That last photo is marvelous. :) I can definitely see why it was a sky photo day!
    Hey, I meant to ask - are you going to liveblog (or post nightly, or every few days) while you're on Route 66?

  2. Yes, absolutely. I'll post nightly starting next Monday April 9. There are only a couple of hotels on our Route 66 trip that don't have WiFi. Welcome to the Internet era!!!