Sunday, April 1, 2012

Got kicks?

Here on Route 66, a journey you might have noticed some talk about an auction. You might be wondering "what's all this"? Meanwhile it's been tough to find time to ride and the blog posts are in my head, not on the blog.

It's not because I won the Mega Millions lottery and am out shopping for private jets. (What, you neither?)

No, this whole project started with plans for a gala event, the SBI auction. And the auction date is coming up fast. It's their annual fundraiser and biggest single source of revenue for the year. The theme? Route 66, of course! There's a silent auction, then a grand prize drawing for a trip down Route 66. This party is happening Saturday night, April 21.

It's also the day we ride to Williams, Arizona. Everything seemed to line up. The timing, exercise and brain injury, and of course Route 66. All I had to do was ride 1000 miles and do a video chat. Piece of cake!

So after this week's climb up Montebello we had a little meeting at Villa Ragusa in Campbell. Pilar and Lisa managed to find some time to help me get set up. Everyone at SBI is in the storm of last-minute auction prep!
Pilar brought a great vintage sign.
The video chat test went smoothly. With any luck I'll be speaking to folks at the auction from Williams. The Internet is truly great! And how about this for generosity: the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel is letting me use their lobby for the call...

After the test, a haircut. Villa Ragusa is the kind of elegant place that inspires you to look good.

Beautiful, huge ballroom
Shameless plugs: one silent auction table will have a couple of collectible Route 66 jerseys from PAC Tour. 
Check 'em out!

You don't have to be at the auction to win the Route 66 grand prize. In fact, get your tickets right here on Route 66, a journey. Use the Donate button to give a multiple of $66 ($66, $132, $198...). That's all it takes to enter the drawing.

This isn't the lottery or even the bring-your-own bag drawing at Trader Joe's. Folks, there's a decent chance of winning that trip!

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