Sunday, April 15, 2012

It takes a day to ride through LA

Wigwam TeePee Motel, Rialto CA
Day 1. We start by riding 3 miles west, back down to the Santa Monica pier, for a symbolic beginning to the ride. There's a group photo - will post that shortly.

Finally it's time to head east and get this show on the road! The surface streets have familiar names like Santa Monica Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, La Cienaga... Our group of 15 or so breaks into pods of 3 or 4. I'm riding with these folks:
Rudy (Toronto) and my teepee-mate, Veronica (Alaska)
Veronica and Rudy are both really strong riders and there's lots of humor going back and forth. Well, when you go through 341 stoplights in one day, jokes are needed to survive! We take advantage of the urban conveniences, stopping at a bike store for last minute things. Breakfast and lunch are at classic Route 66 diners. The service and food both hit the spot...

Super Waffle Combo. Good to the last drop!
It's surprising how few turns there are on the route sheet. That's one clue that we are really following a highway. That's how it's possible to travel more than 70 miles to this place, the Wigwam Teepee motel in Rialto, California.

We get a tour of the motel, with stories about its history, from owner Kumar Patel. A photo in the office shows what the inside of a room like ours looked like in 1958:

I'm so tired, mostly mentally, from being in a new environment with a new set of rules. Slept only about 6 hours last night. Legs are a little sore and slow, but they're recovering from the tour down the coast. The teepees are modern, comfortable, inviting...


  1. Super waffle combo and the Teepee hotel! Gotta love LA (and Route 66). Sleep well.

  2. Is that Toronto as in Toronto, Ontario, Canada? Huzzah! Another Canadian! :)
    LA always seems huge on a map. Glad you have companions to make it a little easier. Am envying you that waffle!

  3. I am glad the ride is going so well! I can't wait to Facetime with you on Saturday!!- Lisa