Thursday, April 12, 2012

Postcard from Santa Monica

Arrived in Santa Monica via the bike path around dusk. Today was an epic day, probably 130 miles or so. The bike isn't light and I'm not that fast. It came to me somewhere out on the road that perhaps epic cycling and blogging don't go that well together. Or maybe it's hostelling, not sure which...

For example, I've left my camera up in the room where someone is now sleeping. So the real post with pictures will wait til tomorrow.

Also, I'm just fading fast toward sleep myself. Outside Santa Monica is hopping - restaurants, stores, movies, music... Never been here before. Apparently it's a destination!

The most adventurous moment of the day was climbing Alisal, against the warning signs to find a 3-foot concrete barrier at the top. Took a few minutes to get the nerve to cross both sides of 101, porting the loaded bike over the barrier.

There were multiple good surprises. The best one was the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains preserve, at the end of the day.

Nothing was as bad as I feared today. Distances were OK. It was the most complicated route day, and the complicated parts were signed so I did not get lost. Scenery was beautiful - which is saying a lot for a day that traverses Santa Barbara, Ventura, and LA counties. Traffic was pretty friendly, actually.
Somehow I was able to outrun the next storm, constantly nipping at my heels. I could see the edge of it all day. I kept riding toward it.

Tomorrow I'll post more, promise.


  1. Glad you hammered out that ride. I spent my day hobbling around, watching birds and eating. Sorry about the misinformation on 101. Just can't remember hopping a K-rail there. Stay strong and get a rest day before your bike trip.

    1. Hi Phil! Before I left home I checked Google Street View which actually showed the barrier. I knew there was a good chance I'd face it. It was more of a mental challenge and talking to someone else who did it successfully did help. The climb up Alisal was gorgeous and reason enough not to take 101.

      From the coast side I could see the top of Refugio completely shrouded in grey clouds...Alisal was the right choice yesterday. It was the best road of the day.

  2. Ugh - I've biked along 280, which wasn't pleasant. 101 sounds worse, and for far longer! Let alone hopping the barrier... glad to hear it went well.