Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gratitude sampler

This morning at 9am someone started up a jackhammer a few houses down. Our neighbors have a ton of money for home improvement! It's a transition back to this life, for sure.

The structure around the blog posts is shifting, too. Normally around 9am I would be fed, dressed, and one foot in the pedals. Or already out on the road with new friends. Taking photos, having adventures, making stuff to write about. It feels weird to be bike-free, to stay in one place all day.

Today some baggage from the trip had to be moved out of the house. Dragging the Waterford (still in box) and gear bag to the garage, it hit me. The trip is over... and like the big ol' Cadillacs stacked outside Amarillo, it was a collaborative effort. I'm grateful to my co-conspirators:

  • Danny, mystery companion. Every day for giving encouragement. Making sure my bike was ready. Tending Bella, sorting mail, and going to the office while I was gone. Supporting me via IM at the end of the day. 
  • Christine Camara of SBI, for accepting and supporting this crazy idea. Lisa and Henry and Pilar, working additional complexity into the SBI auction night!
  • Dad, Mady, other family members, and randonneur friends for following the trip online. Jim Bradbury, blazing the trail. Rachel, for commenting!
  • Mary and Eric Hamilton, for attending the auction (and buying a Route 66 jersey!). 
  • Veronica Beagan, for being a top-shelf, considerate roommate. Showing me the PAC Tour ropes. Giving up a dark room to fall asleep in while I posted text and photos. Having an irreverent sense of humor and good people instincts. Keeping track of breakfast and departure times!
  • New PAC Tour friends, including Rudy, Vic, Thea, Hans, riding buddies during the day. Together we fixed flats, crossed barbed wire fences, ate ice cream. My solo riding days are ruined! Susan R., Gerd, Susan W., Susan Reed, Dennis, Klaus, Russ, Midge, Christine, Eleonore. Your company and stories at meals were truly enriching. Doug, because of you I will never take clean laundry for granted again! :-)
  • Lon Haldeman and Jim Hlavka, for putting up with our nonsense... And of course snacks along the way. Susan Notorangelo, for logistics and PayPal wrangling. You made it possible to do something new.
  • Allan and Phil, for great company on the pre-ride. 
  • Team Awesome, for hilarity and inspiration.

I am equally grateful for the safe landing (literally) and all the experiences out there on the road. Endings are sad and good, too.

To escape the jackhammers and leaf blowers, I signed up for the Central Coast Double on Saturday.


  1. I like that you started this with jackhammering and ended with gratitudes regardless! :)
    Will you save the Waterford for other long rides (those multi-hundred-km brevets)?

  2. Hey girlfriend. You were an easy roommate. I realky enjoyed getting to know you. Hope to ride again with you someday.