Friday, May 4, 2012

A morning after....

Day 19. Woke up at 6:30am and went back to sleep until 8:45! Woke up the second time to the loud droning of lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Bella gave me that look. It was a request to snuggle under the covers. Her request was of course granted.

A part of me is still out there on Route 66, where there is no profession of lawn and garden care. People seem to live more in harmony with their surroundings. Yards are made up of dirt, scrub, sand, cacti and sometimes impromptu sculpture. Like rusted farm machinery or car parts. Perhaps some chain link fence. Even if it is about necessity and not choice, I feel more comfortable in that environment. It is what it is.

First order of business this morning was espresso. Danny fired up the Gaggia and drew me some of the essential brown liquid.
Half-caf, half-decaf doppio (with crema)! 
More later on the coffee of Route 66. Let's just say there have been a few improvements to coffee-making techniques since 1925.

Yesterday our foray into 21st century aviation did not go as smoothly as it could have. Doug, Thea, and I all made it to the Amarillo airport in plenty of time for our flight to Las Vegas. We sailed through security (no queue) and took our spots on the plane at the appointed hour. Each of us was catching a connection to a different city: Seattle, Ontario, San Jose.

The plane taxied onto the runway. Then came the announcement: trouble with the starter on one of the engines. We taxied back to the gate. Got off the plane. Over the next 6 hours followed a stream of announcements. Status on the problem (the starter had sheared off the engine altogether). ETA on the replacement part. Availability of vouchers. Estimated new departure time. Replacement tickets for connections. How to re-board the plane.

There is something so simple about riding a bike. Assuming you can make a few basic kinds of repairs, it is true freedom. There were a few moments where I just felt like leaving the airport and riding home to California. They had the Waterford on the plane, so that was a problem. Also I could use a day off the bike. And that 25mph wind would be in my face instead of at my back. I stayed. 

Seven hours later we were headed to Las Vegas. Half the plane had been in the bar so there was lots of cheering on take-off. My seat directly over the affected engine meant no shortage of first-hand data. I could tell everything was OK.

After missing a replacement connection in Vegas, we finally landed on the runway at SJC at 9:10pm. Danny was waiting. 

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  1. :) Glad to hear you're home safe - eventually. The parts about coffee and about you just biking home made me laugh!