Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday Montebello VI

Got my act together in mid-afternoon. Have been trying to talk myself into a Big Ride. So much resistance. That'll teach me...

I am signed up for Super Tour 2012 (Oregon Cascades). A spot opened up and I needed a goal and on some kind of impulse, I raised my hand. This means getting on the bike. Big Rides and Small Rides. Spinning class and the gym. 32 days until we meet in Ashland.

Climbing is needed, lots of climbing, fortunately not a problem around here. Motivation is the gating factor. Then it hits me -- no need to go to Woodside. It's Wednesday and a certain climb is the traditional choice! Low traffic, a fast getaway, scenic beauty, and 3200 feet of climbing in 35 miles.

Today was supposed to be cooler than the last four days. It was not cool, however, on the climb. Sweat dripped from my arms onto the Waterford's top tube. I pressed on with thoughts of a mint iced tea at home, afterward. I savored the shady spots.

To the east the whole Silicon Valley was under a stripe of brown haze. It's an inversion layer day. On those days, climbing doesn't buy you cool-ness. It's hot everywhere, sometimes hotter up on the ridge.

I'm looking at the spot down there where our house must be.

At about mile 16, close to the end of the pavement, the first cooling breeze pushes over the ridge, from the west. Then it stops. The marine layer is pinned against the coastal hills a few miles away. It can't move...
Looking toward the Pacific.

There are other signs that summer came here while I wasn't watching.

That blond color.

With no rain for 2 months, the dirt surface has turned dry, loose, and treacherous in places.
Bicycle tracks in the loose gravel.
My seat bag is packed for contingencies, with a jacket, arm and knee warmers, and a thin wool hat. Everything stays right where it is for the summit and the trip back down those snake-y curves of Page Mill.

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