Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to the beginning

It's Friday. Leaving camp proves challenging as the kitchen refuses to go neatly back into its boxes.

The first half of the day I ride solo to Jacksonville. Solo, that is, except for Jim who peels off a pack going Mach Whatever to chat on the way into town.

A leisurely hour-long coffee break at the halfway point. It's tough to be on vacation!

The second half is old hat from 2 weeks ago, from the Applegate Valley into Ashland. With a few key improvements to the route. The main one is the Bear Creek Greenway, a bike path alternate to 99.

There are no real hills today. Just like that, another SuperTour is done. Someone commented last night that it seems like a lifetime ago since we were here. 900 miles should make you remember every little thing, but it does the opposite! Lots of new experiences and memories to crowd out the old ones.

Some impressions:

  • No sales tax
  • Crater Lake is breathtaking
  • When you forget to put a memory card back in the camera, lots of places sell them
  • Friends are everywhere, even new friends
  • Groups have dynamics and there's a spoiler in every group
  • Other people have your birthday, too
  • Oregon drivers are WAY more considerate than California drivers
  • Oregon log truck drivers are exactly like log truck drivers everywhere
  • WiFi is still scarce in the RV parks of the Cascades
  • Old mill sites make fine parks and campgrounds
  • It's impossible to eat too many berries
  • Bacon is a power food
  • Getting into camp early is overrated
  • Socializing is underrated
People and bikes pile into cars at Glenyan RV Park. I-5 takes most of us away. Jim and I motor southward, where Danny is waiting. One of the roads we take is Highway 128. Much easier in a car!

Our home for the weekend...
Many thanks to Mike for the inspiration, and Jim for the long detour to the Valley of the Moon!

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