Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday lists

As kids we used to tack a list of things we wanted to the refrigerator. The list would go up several weeks before the big day. Large items would land on top. It paid to be realistic though. This was the stuff we really wanted for our birthday. No "trip to Disneyland". More like "instamatic camera" or "5-way colored pen" or "label maker".

We knew not to ask for bubble gum or nail polish or pop music or store-bought cookies. Those were off the table.

Mom would also make us whatever we wanted for dinner, and the kind of cake we wanted. Every year I asked for chocolate cake with pink frosting. To me, chocolate cake and pink frosting just go together.

Today my list is full of people, and experiences. To have one day each year where people I care about send an email, or call and leave a message on the machine, that counts for a lot. Or they might meet me for dinner at a swank restaurant in San Francisco. Whatever, it's all good. I am lucky.

This year almost the whole family checked in. But the most surprising folks were the San Francisco Randonneurs RBA, Rob Hawks, and the California Triple Crown. Thanks Rob! The electronic card from the CTC includes quotes that apply quite nicely to this project. And there's a link in case I feel like looking back to see that I've finished a bike ride or two. It's as if they knew me well...


  1. Hey Elaine! Happy Birthday! I don't know about the pink frosting but I do love Chocolate Cake.

  2. :) Belated happy birthday! I hope the cake was delicious. Cream cheese frosting is fantastic, and I can only imagine how well it would work with chocolate cake.

  3. Thank you!!! The cake WAS delicious. I can still taste it!

    My sister tried to make us take the whole remainder home. We took only half because, y'know, it's the kind of thing that would just call out to you from the kitchen until you ate every last crumb.