Monday, July 2, 2012

Cry me a river

The last post turned up something important. There's a common thread in all the people who have treated me like a fraud. Pressed for time? Aren't we all. 100% normal and healthy? Not likely.

They can't cry.

No joke, they need to hold back somehow. Control their own emotions. These are generally not the artists and musicians in the crowd. By the way this does not mean right-brain dominant people are automatically more empathetic. That would be an ecological fallacy.

No, think more analytical, maybe a bit emotionally damaged. Everything has to fit in the box. Because I need it to.

Oh wait, is this about me? Or you? Confused.

Seeking help for a brain injury you might also get a first-hand education in the latest brain research on empathy... When someone is listening and trying to empathize and they get it wrong, the reason is the whole conversation has become about them. They've quietly hijacked it to get it under control and make it serve...them. Weird, huh? Kind of backwards.

Empathy plays a role in whether you seem credible, too. Apparently whether someone is inclined to believe you reflects whether they see you as like them, or unlike them. If you have a brain injury, look for similarities with the people trying to help you.

We humans cry for lots of reasons. Sadness is one, but also anger, fear, frustration, fatigue, helplessness, joy. On Thursday my tears came from being so, so tired of working so damn hard. And I'm angry no one can or will help me.

Thanks for listening. Pick a reason or two and have a good cry on me, OK? It's good for all of us.

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  1. I love you. Have a great SuperTour plus. I'll be thinking of you and following your writings. XOXO