Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Green Springs Summit, Pacific Crest Trail

Today we climbed another hill. It's a SuperTour moment when you look down at your speedo and it says 11.2 miles and you think 'great, only 3.8 miles to go before the top of the hill'.

Aileen and Tom near the top of the hill.
At the top is the Green Springs Inn. Their pie is legendary. Might be a little early in the day for pie. Gotta keep moving...

A person in a blue jacket is standing at the pull-out for the PCT. His name is Dan. He started at the south end of the trail May 18 (2 months ago). According to Dan, all the thru hikers are progressing quickly through California because of no snow in the Sierras. He's moving faster than most.

Of course, speed has its price.
Dan's advice is to never switch shoes, as he did. When you know something works, just stick with it. A zero day in Ashland helped with the pain.

Brave Dan from Fairfax, Virginia.
He's also looking forward to a resupply box at Crater Lake. SuperTour will be there one day ahead of him. Word among the thru hikers is that the trail at Crater Lake is really rough. I can relay that the roads around the lake have just been cleared and the temps are on the way back up. Good for melting the snow.

He gives the Waterford a wistful look. Bikes move so much faster than walking and he has a mountain bike at home. When he sees a big downhill he wishes he were on a bike. I tell him think about mechanical issues, and flats.

Good luck, Dan!

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  1. Never too early for pie! :) Esp after a climb like that...