Monday, July 16, 2012

Out and back

It's Day 1 of SuperTour and the route is a climb to the top of Mt. Ashland. It's 18.6 miles from the campground to the ski area.

That's a lot of pushing. The kind of ride that's good for the brain.

Mike and Jeff lead the way to the top. Panoramic views. Look south and see... Mt. Shasta.
Shasta, barely visible in the saddle
Trust me, it's there! So beautiful. The weather is cooling off; the high clouds signal a front moving in from the west. Rain and thunderstorms on their way.

Coming down, a fast free ride. Just one swath of gravel. Wheee! A confidence builder for launching  tomorrow morning out of Ashland.

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  1. That looks gorgeous. How many days is this going to be, I wonder? Must keep reading back.