Thursday, July 5, 2012

Packing :-(

Packing is where it all began. I could not do it for months post-TBI. Packing now is possible, but takes 2x, 3x, 4x as long as before. With many inefficiencies.

Packing is nerve-wracking, frustrating, hand-wringing, fraught with peril. It is not just the process that wears me to a nub. Chaos! It is also knowing, knowing for sure, that at least one of these things will not make it home because I will leave it somewhere on the trip. So don't get attached.

But DO get attached enough to put it in the duffle, now. At the start. Here's what's left:
sleeping bag + pad (basement)
day pack (basement)
swap out wheels and tires
get cash
vet contents of large duffel
pack for trip to dad's
minimal toiletry kit
vitamins for 3 weeks
rain jacket

And the master list that Steve the Organizer put together:

Camp Chair
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad

Tent Pee Bottle (Cindy's best idea ever!)
Day Pack 
Luggage Bags (2)
Energy Bars
Frame Pump / Co2  & Adapter
Driver's License
Credit Card
Handlebar or Seat Bag
ATM Card
Extra tire
Cyclometer + Extra Battery
Change $ for Showers/Lndy
Water Bottles (3)
Cell Phone + Charger
Alarm Clock
Toiletries: bandaids, foot cream, skin cream, toothpaste, suntan lotion, shampoo, razor, Ibuprofen, insect repellent, chapstick, floss, ear plugs, clothes pins, chamois butter, "whatever else…"
Lndy Soap
Clothes Line / Pins
Tubes (2-3)
Camera + Charger
Extra Spokes (front & back)
Power Strip for charging
Extra Cables
Extra Cleats
Chain Lube
Degreaser + Rag    
Tail light    
Bike Multi-Tool    
Bike Cable Lock
Flashlight/Headlamp + Batteries
Small Towel
Bike Shoes
Bike Socks (2-3)
Rain Booties
Bike Sunglasses
Short-Finger Gloves
Full-finger Gloves
Bike Shorts (2-3)
Leg + Arms Warmers
Bike Jersey/s
Wind Vest
T Shirts
T Shirt - LS
Rain Jacket
Skull Cap
Sweat Band

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