Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rest day

Bend, Oregon. 84 degrees, no mosquitos! Last night there were lots of takers for the 51-mile optional local ride. This morning, not so many. The prospect of a day in street clothes is too tempting.

Besides good food and the Ryder truck with our gear, laundry is the other priority on this trip. Barbie the Taxi Driver shuttles us into town at 9am. She gives us her card for the return trip.
Laundry, oh so good!
It was a productive hour at the downtown Soap 'n Suds. After living in a tent for 6 days, stacking my clean clothes is a religious experience. Well worth the cab fare into town.

We're camped out at Starbucks, sucking up bandwidth. So far Mike's had a coffee and an iced tea and Jeff's had a coffee with 2 refllls. The Cascade Cycling Classic is in town for a criterium race. Downtown the roads are roped off and Team Competitive Cyclist is here sharing the patio with us. They're eating pastries and discussing how many calories are in a Krispy Kreme donut. Jeff just said he sure wishes he were riding his bike out to Smith Rock... We could use a bike ride to work off the caffeine!

It's a rest day for us, not the racers...

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  1. "Team Competitive Cyclist" seems to have a very large membership... ;)
    This reminds me of the off days in town on a class camping trip. Oh, the caffeine! Coffee that wasn't camp coffee! Clean clothes!