Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ring around a crater

Been having some weird dreams lately. Some really disturbing ones, some good ones.

I was riding around a huge crater, on a road that humans built for this purpose. I was with my friend Mike but there were a lot of other people we knew as well. It was an outdoor party or something.

To see the crater and get to the road we climbed for 22 miles. Uphill forever. There were other cyclists going fast the other way, down the hill.

Then I recognized someone so I yelled her name "Eleanor! Eleanor!". She stopped and it was indeed Eleanor from the trip on Route 66! After hugs she said she was with PAC Tour, headed to Ashland. I said make sure you go into town, you will love it.

We all took pictures of each other and kept on climbing the hill to the crater.

The sun shone on the crater filled with blue water. The island in the middle looked like a miniature mountain.

As the clouds moved the light kept changing and everywhere we passed different arrangements of trees and rocks and water and sky.

We rode on and on. Sometimes we stopped to take a picture of the blue lake in the crater. There were a lot of hills and sometimes the road was narrow but we rode on and on.

Thunderclouds gathered but no rain. Best day on the bike in a long time.

When a giant  mosquito bit my foot, I woke up!

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  1. I love the third photo. Dreaming of calderas...