Sunday, July 8, 2012

We need the eggs...

Greetings from northern Humboldt County!

The chickens at my dad's place are in high gear. 34 eggs in 2 days... The eggs go to a local cafe where they become high-quality baked goods and breakfast items. Also, Dad and I had a frittata for lunch :-) .

This doesn't have much to do with Super Tour, except it's on the way to Ashland. Sort of. In a few days I'll set off on in that direction on 101 and 199. That route is completely new to me and it's a bit worrying. For now, rest is the order of the day. I'm sleeping off the stresses of home.

Protein loading. Consuming photons, and wine.


  1. I love this photo of Dad holding the basket of eggs. OMG. Sweetie, that route NE is ... well, I hope you navigate it's steep, narrow, and (not sure about shoulders) a trek! I wish you THE BEST. And some rest beforehand. I know Dad is so happy to see you! Love you, sweetie. "Biggest" sis!!

  2. ...How many chickens does he HAVE??? :) Hope the mob is quiet enough to let you get that rest.

    1. Apparently, 38! Some are too young to lay reliably. Wednesday Dad collected 34 more eggs. And 2 more chickens arrived via the post office Thursday morning.