Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wind, water, and smoked salmon mousse

Wind shook the sides of the tent all night long. After a beautiful grey dawn rain came around 6am.
Odell Lake, 6am.
Cyclists ran for their GoreTex and scurried around in various stages of panic. Most ate breakfast standing under the awning. I kept warm by helping Mimi (cook) and Jack (wrangler/mule). About half the group headed out into the rain after breakfast; we waited until the rain stopped around 9. The clouds slowly broke up as famished mosquitos descended upon us. Hasty exit from camp!

The wet roads and passing semis resulted in a few impromptu, unwelcome showers. But as the weather cleared spirits improved. We averaged 17.4 mph for the first 47 miles. I'm ravenous. Mike and Jeff listen to me fantasize about bacon for 20 miles. Finally we reach Elk Lake and the cafe and the Californian sandwich with sweet potato fries. It's bacon on ciabatta with melted brie and mushrooms. Mmmm. That goes well with the party music: ELO, George Thoroughgood, Credence Clearwater Revival. Those with smartphones tell the rest of us about the movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

With this kind of day-on-day mileage I can only focus on the here and now. The past 2 days I've run out of fuel mid-ride, usually in the middle of a climb. That's the metabolism engine kicking into high gear. Now it's eat, ride, eat, ride, sleep. Repeat. The stock of Mimi and Jack and the rest of the crew has reached a local peak. The food and operations are a finely tuned machine. Last night dinner was pork stew with veggies over wild rice, with a fresh cabbage slaw. Chocolate cake and fresh strawberries for dessert. We're eating better in camp than at home.

We also have a mascot dog, Max. Max lives with tandem team Patrick and Grace, but you can usually find him around Mimi's mom Beba.
Max and Beba negogiate the smoked salmon mousse.

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  1. Outriding the mosquitoes and fantasizing about bacon made me laugh! I hope the mid-ride food situation has improved. :) Post ride, admittedly, sounds awesome.