Friday, August 17, 2012

2 weeks of not losing anything

Simple cures for memory issues...
Today something new, a TRX class. There were only 2 of us so it was almost a personal training session. You go from one exercise to another with no break in between. It was a good workout, one with sweat.

It's easy to tell I haven't been blog posts! No motivation to ride. No structure = nothing happens. Still getting the body clock back on track. The amount of light at this latitude in mid-August makes it hard.

Also, it's been kinda hot and lazy.

How did the brain like SuperTour? For 2 weeks afterward, it was great. Climbing those 15-mile hills pushes the blood into the head nicely. Success! Now it's just good, and fading.

Honestly it's a little tough to tell. You can sympathize with the medical establishment a little. A brain injury doesn't really feel or look like anything, not in my case anyway. What's telling are the little slips. Those little lapses I run around and fix.

This morning when I got my workout bag for the TRX class, something was missing. The combo lock, normally on a shoulder strap. No clue the last time I touched it. Had to leave without it. But it's really hard to stop wondering, where could it be?

I asked at the gym desk. The guy held it up. My lock!


  1. Hard to prove a negative - though I'm not sure that's the right way of putting it. :/
    I'm glad they still had your lock! Did they have to cut it off? It looks (in the photo) like it's still intact.

  2. They did not have to cut it off, lock intact! I had unlocked it, then left it either on the locker or on the bench. Probably on the locker.

    On the bright side, the handy information on the back side would have saved it either way...