Friday, August 10, 2012

Fly your saucer

Got a big kick out of this guy in Puerto Rico, and the dream home he designed and built. Especially the light fixtures made of old car parts...

On Route 66 the theme of reuse kept popping up. Folk art by the side of the road, bits of this and that forming something new. Graffiti on an old concrete shell, now an art installation. A ruined house in a ghost town, inhabited by someone.
Boxcar to house to ruin, to makeshift shelter
Route 66 as a route to travel, not to get to LA but to have an experience. The road itself reused as a stored cultural memory, referenced again and again.

Neurologists say all kinds of things to people with TBI. Most of dubious scientific value. Some downright harmful, aimed at supporting them not you. When one said to me "Time to retool", it had the ring of truth. 

As survivors of brain injury we have no choice. We need to figure out how to reuse what we have, make that into something useful. It may be a temporary thing until the brain heals itself. It may be a lifelong thing to compensate for what's different now. It might be both.
Raw material for your next project!
Whether to keep my job or to function independently and have some quality of life, a reuse project is a struggle. In our consumer culture we expect new goods shipped from China (to the Port of Los Angeles or Long Beach, moved across the country in metal Maersk containers on the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad). The old stuff, we throw away.

 I am 47 years old. Even with my old brain layout, who is going to hire or value me?

Old and new, where they intersect.
On the other hand, all those challenged towns on Route 66. A dollar store in almost every one...

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