Thursday, August 16, 2012

Imagination of the heart

If you or someone you love has a traumatic brain injury, you're going to need help. That's the unfortunate truth.

The bad news is you can't just go to the doctor and get treated. Some homework required. The good news is these folks seem to know what they're talking about. Need a primer on TBI? You could start here.

The folks at SBI seem to get it, too. Despair not. In my experience, the people who work every day to rehabilitate TBI survivors, and the lawyers (yes, the lawyers). They seem in touch with reality. They can help. They have empathy.

On the other hand, the medical profession! A cognition trap is a rigid mental framework that impairs perception. A barrier.
  • Exposure Anxiety: The Fear of Being Seen as Weak
  • Causefusion: Confusing the Causes of Complex Events
  • Flatview: Seeing the World in One Dimension
  • Cure-allism: Believing that One Size Really Fits All
  • Informania: The Obsessive Relationship to Information
  • Mirror Imaging: Thinking the Other Side Thinks Like Us
  • Static Cling: Refusal to Accept a Changing World
Take your pick! Pretty much all of these could apply to a recent visit of mine to a prestigious medical institution.

Blunder is about cognition traps, and how to avoid them. It's a little too think-y for me but if you want to know why your TBI treatment plan feels a lot like the Iraq war, definitely read this book.

Especially like how a scholar focuses on an unscholarly cause of massive errors:
Cognition traps occur for many reasons but two frequent and interconnected causes are a lack of empathy and a limited imagination. Imagination permits us to perceive the world in multiple dimensions. It lets us speculate how life could be different for ourselves and for others. It enables us to consider values and behaviors at variance with our own without rejecting them out of hand. If imagination resides in the mind, empathy is imagination of the heart. 
-Zachary Shore

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  1. Thanks for posting the link and the book. I know you've posted the list (or another list like it) before, but it's never bad to see it again.