Monday, August 6, 2012

Late to the party

At home I found the SuperTour 2012 overview map up on the computer. Danny was following along...

A little late, but here's some context on last month's ride, SuperTour.
  • Usually 30-50 riders
  • 12 consecutive riding days
  • Different route each year, mountainous terrain
  • Camping, with a cook and great food
  • Breakfast and dinner provided, riders can make and carry lunch
  • Gear carried in a rental truck
  • Only emergency mechanical and medical support en route
The emphasis (according to me) is on fitness and self-sufficiency. To ride SuperTour you need to be able to ride back-to-back very hilly 100-mile days, sometimes in heat. Carry food and water, fix your own flat tire. Improvise in remote territory. Put up your tent every afternoon and take it down every morning. Stuff the sleeping bag in its stuff sack at 5:30am, while still warm. So there's no temptation to get back in after breakfast...

Before you try to sign up, know that SuperTour doesn't really work that way. Who you know and the rides you've done open the door.

SuperTour is led by a group of volunteers, most of whom also ride. This is the main difference vs. PACTour. Volunteer does not mean unprofessional or disorganized however. As a project, SuperTour is complicated and hard work. See what a group of underemployed engineers can accomplish!

You'd be impressed too by their resumes. The maps and GPS files come from someone with an MSEE from Stanford, for example. There's a joke in there somewhere... More coffee from the Javenator, please, to properly suss it out!

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