Friday, August 31, 2012

The way to Yosemite

Friday afternoon, Labor Day weekend. Heavy traffic on 101 southbound, just north of the exit to Highway 152. A few miles before the exit Jim moves left, into the fast lane. 'There's another road further south across the valley', he says. 'Partly dirt'. Dirt is fine in his Jeep.

Avoiding 152 and I-5.

Peanut butter and apple butter on homemade hippie bread.
3 hours later we are heading north through Fresno at rush hour, on Highway 41. Never did find that other road! We have learned that Highway 152 is popular because it is the only way. It's the only road east from Silicon Valley.

Another discovery - in California it turns out that something called a highway can also have traffic lights... Windows down, by now we are more or less used to the heat.

The actual route taken matters less and less as detouring around a casino, we enter the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Rolling hills studded with oaks. Windy roads, not the flat dusty straightaways of the Central Valley. Tall ridges revealing themselves to our east through the haze. As daylight fades into dusk, we're just a few miles from the Wishon Point campground at Bass Lake.

We're here to ride the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway. Beautiful, uncrowded, no services. Three days, camping and carrying food.

Leaving the structure of SuperTour was hard. Didn't want to cook, didn't want to sleep indoors. Definitely didn't want to shop. Trapped in suburbia.

Truth be told, camping and biking together sounds like a bit much. But I'm up for a good escape. Ride new roads with new people. Try out my new backpacking stove. Sleep in a tent under the Summer Triangle.

Our campground comes with a view of the lake...and a blue moon, one night past full, shimmering on its dark surface.

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