Friday, September 28, 2012

Follow the squiggle

Just back from TRX class. Alissa is a tough instructor and her class sometimes renders me useless for hours. My brain goes on hiatus. That's OK, it will get easier...

Did you know that 15 minutes of intense (but not grueling) exercise can help with memory? Yeah, some researchers in Copenhagen - where the cycling infrastructure is brilliant - found exercise helps commit something you just learned to long-term memory.

They asked the subjects to try to copy a squiggle. Half then cycled for 15 minutes and half sat around eating donuts. (OK, I made that part up. Kinda hungry.) The cycling group did slightly worse remembering the squiggle path after only an hour than the other group (see TRX comment above). But then they remembered it better after a day, then after a week, than the donut-eaters.

So to commit a specific motor skill to long-term memory, exercise right after trying it.

Hopefully I have been leveraging this by retracing all the local bike roads!


  1. "intense but not grueling" rules out intervals... oh well! ;) That's a neat study. Thanks for posting.

    1. Yeah! It rules out Max's Spinning class, and SuperTour, and lots of other stuff too. Have I been taking entirely the wrong tack???

    2. I don't know if SuperTour is the wrong tack - haven't you said that afterwards you feel clearer and sharper? Maybe it just means you can't max out your heartrate until 15 minutes have passed. :)