Friday, September 21, 2012

Life design and rocket science

This week posts are a little scarce...I rode my fixie twice. Once to go to the gym and then this morning to see this:

At least 10,000 people were out on the Stevens Creek Trail this morning, saying goodbye to Endeavor. It was a bit of a circus getting through on a bike. But a bike was definitely the best way.

All the Google bikes are out here on the levee...
In high school I thought I wanted to work on the shuttle program. Had a huge poster in my room and a paper model of the first shuttle, Columbia. The flyover at Moffett was in part to honor the work done there designing the shuttle tiles. I met a couple of engineers from that program before the first shuttle ever left Earth. In college my math and science grades were good enough to be like those NASA engineers, but I never did close the loop on my dream. 

Ames Research Center, where I once wanted to work.
To start with the upper division physics and engineering profs seemed less-than-welcoming. Other less-then-welcoming factors were rampant in my life at that time. I opted to get out alive, opted for a smoother, cheaper path. My degree is in English, with almost a minor in math. A lot of foreign language work. I probably should have done linguistics, or just stuck with math.

This week macro questions on life direction have loomed large. If you have ever engaged these questions in a rigorous way, you know what it is like. It is a daunting process, looking at where you came from and where you might go next. Trying to learn from mistakes.

Life design is really not a linear process. It's more like the path of Endeavor this week, loops and connect-the-dots and approximate timings. Try to end at the right place and time, hitting the highlights as best you can. Rocket science is actually easier, in my opinion.

So, I'm not a rocket scientist. I'm not a Googler. What's next?

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