Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Toward solitude...

Sunday our hike to the swimming hole passed a sign: Reds Meadow 18. Only 18 miles! That's one long day's hike. Reds Meadow is a major stop and resupply point on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Suddenly the name Mammoth Trail means something. It's not just a random name. The trail we are hiking could take us right to Mammoth Lakes. To the John Muir Trail and the eastern Sierra. Holy cow. Our campground is a gateway to the backcountry.

Again I want to just strap on a pack and head out into the Sierras. There's nothing really calling me back to hot, crowded Silicon Valley. All that human stupidity. It's a relief to escape. It would be so easy to spend a whole summer up here in the high country. John Muir would definitely approve...

It's getting late in the season. Probably too late even for a one-week trip. An early storm always comes and catches hikers off-guard in the fall. It happened to a former colleague and although he died doing what he loved I'm sure he would have chosen differently, given the chance.

This year, the hiking will have to be a vicarious kind.
Part 1 Hiking both sides of the Minaret Mountains
Part 2 Exploring old mines in the Minarets
Part 3 (yet to be published)

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