Friday, October 19, 2012

Non, peut-etre

At TRX class someone read our horoscopes. Something about having an opportunity to travel, but I should pass it by.

Marche, vieux Nice
This came in the middle of the night.

Bonjour Madame,

Actuellement votre pathologie n'est pas prise en charge en thérapeutique hyperbare en France.
Mais avant de prendre une décision définitive, je vous propose de prendre un rendez-vous de consultation auprès d'un des médecins hyperbaristes du service pour une évaluation clinique et une lecture de votre dossier.
Les coordonnées du secrétariat: Tél +33492037772 ou

Très cordialement

Docteur Andreas KAUERT
Responsable de Structures Internes
Centre Hyperbare-UTOH
CHU Nice - Hôpital Pasteur
30, Avenue de la Voie Romaine
B.P. 69 - 06002 Nice Cédex 1

It's kind of a no, maybe. No, but I should see one of the doctors who do HBOT for a consultation and review of my medical record. So, maybe.

Dr. Kauert says the French don't as a rule treat TBI with hyperbaric oxygen. Why not? Google turned up more than one professional association with the charter to reach agreement on treating humans with oxygen. It appears that the need to agree across the EU has slowed progress to a crawl. They discuss imaginary risks, they meet for years, they toe the line. The hippies in San Francisco can be more laissez-faire.

But the views and croissants are better in Nice.

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat (from Mont Boron)


  1. This makes me wonder what it would cost just to see the doc for that consultation - are you seriously considering it? I can't tell if you're being flip or actually weighing the option of wintering in France.

    1. I am seriously considering it, yes. Can't quite tell whether it's really an option yet. Would be disruptive for Danny and Bella.

      It might mean that insurance wouldn't pay for HBOT (but I am not insured anyway, as far as they're concerned). Medical care without insurance in France can be cheaper than medical care WITH insurance here in the US. The consultation would not be expensive at all. The airfare would be...

      Or it might mean that they would do it if one of the doctors on their staff gave the green light.

      Or it might mean that they wouldn't do it at all, but he defers to one of the doctors who actually sees patients for that communication.