Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nouvelle vague

Contemplating the schedule and price tag for the hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) in San Francisco. Brutal.

In the face of regimen, my thoughts turn to escape. Time to innovate! If I'm doing exactly the same thing at the same time for 8 weeks, if life is going to be highly structured and humorless, is it possible to work in something enjoyable?

Could I go back to intensive French school at the Institut de Francais near Nice? Speak French all day every day? Pick up that valiant yet exhausting project from nearly 2 years ago? It did help to wake up my brain...  The cost of plane ticket + school + after-school HBOT would roughly equal HBOT here. Sad but true.

19 Novembre 2010, la Baie des Anges, Nice.

Hyperbaric oxygen has a long history. It was first used as a medical remedy by a French doctor. Might there be a facility in or near Nice, fifth-largest city in France, a first-world country?

Yes, the main Hopital Pasteur in Nice has one! Their web page lists conditions they will treat using oxygen. Sadly it is a very basic list. It looks like the clinic was created to help scuba divers. They don't treat TBI (lesions cerebrales). 

The French medical system can be more progressive than ours. They have different criteria for approving therapies, sometimes looser criteria. Treatment often costs a fraction of what it does here, even for the uninsured (like me). They basically want you to get better. And of course, the croissants...

But if the French say they don't treat something, my experience is it's REALLY not happening. "Non" means no. While chez l'Institut 2 years ago there was a mini-crisis when it turned out what the school called "coffee" was actually "decaf". I found out that caffeine does not exist there in pill form. No Vivarin at pharmacies. They just don't do that.

In the spirit of cognitive exercise I wrote a letter anyway:

Monsieur le directeur,

Je fais une recherche d'un centre hyperbare pour faire therapie de
l'oxygene hyperbare. Il y a 4 ans apres un accident voiture ou j'ai eu
une lesion cerebrale. Malheureusement, malgre une blessure "legere"
j'ai toujours des sequelles cognitives.

Chez vous est-ce qu'il est possible de suivre une programme hyperbare
comme traitement des lésions cérébrales acquises?

Cette maladie ne figure pas dans la liste de prestations sur votre site web:
C'est la raison pour laquelle je pose la question a vous. J'ai bien sur
une prescription du medicin.

Je vous prie de bien vouloir m'en faire savoir.


Mme. Elaine ASTRUE

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  1. I hope you hear back soon.
    I love the colours in that photo...