Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Q & A (not)

Sick for days. With either the flu, or hantavirus. Will keep you posted.

Rode 26 flat miles today, to SBI and then back home. After four super hot days in a row, today is just very warm.

The audience was a group of 16-year-old boys from a San Jose private school. SBI has a cooperative program with the school. This is class time for them. What a cool idea!

As a break from working with SBI clients, they view Brandon's Story. It's a film about a local student living with brain injury. They also hear a little bit about what happened to me. Where Brandon Silveria's injury was severe, mine is mild. So they get both sides, visible and invisible.

I talked about how at first I didn't know anything was wrong. Not telling the people at work, how I had to walk a tightrope to cover mistakes. The frustrations of forgetting passwords, forgetting on Friday what happened on Monday. Finding exercise again. And the high note, my Route 66 trip. Wearing my Route 66 jersey I got to say I rode 1800 miles in April. Felt good.

It's always fascinating to hear what interests people about brain injury, their questions. I learn a lot from questions. Even when it's not 100% comfortable.

The intent was to post Q & A from today's session. But the boys didn't have any Q's. Nada. Rien. Zilch. They were listening, though - good eye contact.

What I thought but did not say: I hope you never have to deal with what I've been through.

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