Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silent movie

At the hostel last night I couldn't sleep right away. This particular mattress was both thin and squishy. There was the weird crinkle of a plastic barrier under the sheet. The lamp stayed on to help a late-comer navigate. And the air was stuffy, no open window like at home.

Eventually sleep must have come because all night I dreamed about one thing: a man with three holes in his skull. The holes were round, clustered near the right side of his forehead. They were a dark grey color against his light skin. Probably caused by bullets, but with no hint of blood or swelling. Just the fact of them. The man was conscious and walking around.

There was no talking, no soundtrack at all. But the subject of this silent movie was how to fix him. Everyone in the dream was focused on that. I didn't recognize any of them, not the man or the helpers.

I did my part though, dreaming and dreaming all night long. Letting them move about and discuss the problem silently. Letting them examine him, lay him on his back, put him into machines under the lights.

When the alarm had been going off in the dark room for 3 minutes, I had to leave them to it.

Probably they're still working.

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