Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TBI Survival Guide

Found via Google:
The TBI Survival Guide by Dr. Glen Johnson

Dr. Johnson is a clinical neuropsychologist in Traverse City, Michigan. He developed this (excellent) guide to brain injury for survivors and their families. It describes what to expect in plain, helpful language.

If you know someone who is recovering from a brain injury, or has a family member or friend who is recovering, IMO this guide would be useful information for them.

Was searching Google for ebooks related to TBI. I'm thinking about writing one. At the beginning I was really ignorant about how to get help. It feels like I tripped at  every step:

  • the various professionals involved
  • how to get real help and what/who to ignore
  • insurance claims and lawyers
  • testing
  • recent research 
  • how to get on with life

For example, Dr. Johnson is the type of neuropsych who actually helps brain injury survivors. There is another type of neuropsychologist, the kind who testifies in court. This type is trying to find inconsistencies in your story, to prove that you're faking. So it's important to know the difference. There's no branding - the two types look identical from the outside. You have to ask which kind they are!

I'd like to save other survivors the experience of figuring this out. That would be something.

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