Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Magic Fingers massage

Awake. The clock reads 11:56pm.

OK, two beers wasn't the best idea I've ever had. Flattens brain waves, ruins sleep. Stomach ache. But I needed calories.

Shaking. More, then more, feeding on itself. Amplification.

Get out of bed!

On the upper floor of Keefer's Inn, the corridor is empty. Which is safer, second floor or first? I feel a little queasy. The earth has a flat tire.

Deep, the owner, is out in the dark parking lot with bare feet. His eyes are wide. "I just went to bed and this came! It's a big one!" It's cold and I'm glad for my hat. We can see the semi trucks rolling southward on 101, oblivious. He jokes that none of the other cyclists are out here because their legs are too tired.

He asks if the motel is OK. The motel is fine. He jokes that someone on the second floor made the whole building shake like that. Deep and Seema take care of us every year with humor and grace.

I reach Danny on the land line back in the room. If that was a Bay Area quake it was the Big One. He didn't feel anything so it was local.

Magnitude 5.3 with epicenter 16 miles NE of King City. Jim and I passed this spot on Highway 25 on our way to Bass Lake.

Now if I could just stop staring at the ceiling and get back to sleep...

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