Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Excellent drivers like us

To prevent TBI, one more key behavior for the list:
  • work on your driving skills
If somewhere between one-third to one-half of all TBIs are caused by motor vehicle accidents, this just makes sense. Brushed up on your driving skills lately?

Me neither. For a while I contemplated this place in Arizona. But I'm afraid when I got back home I'd need to buy a Porsche 993. Yep, for its stellar safety record.

I know, you're an excellent driver. You don't need any help. The roads are full of bad drivers making mistakes and everyone thinks they're a good driver. You do the math. We all have issues.

Here's an excellent rant, I mean reflective blog post, on the topic of driving skills and bike-handling skills. PCH stands for Pacific Coast Highway. The stretch in question is not the dreaded chute through the southern end of Malibu, but an urban stretch ~15 miles further south in Los Angeles.

For inspiration, try this Depeche Mode Route 66 mix.

Or, a Euro-scooter version of the same song.

1 comment :

  1. I'm sure that if you went to do a course there, you could handle any skid/spinout ever. :)
    The blog post was good food for thought. It's always good to have a reminder to pay attention to something you're so used to doing.