Saturday, November 10, 2012

My normal brain

The older guy at Valley Medical handed me a business card. After his name were the initials M.D., PhD. If this is supposed to reassure me it's having the opposite effect. One big issue with doctors is they think they're normal. Normal and sane.

Uniformity is kind of a dream of scientists. If we could just freeze everything, keep it from interacting with other things, assume uniformity in the sample, we could do some meaningful work.

But there's a lot of variation in nature. In you and me. Look at this paper from the NIH that talks about how brain injuries are not all the same. It's one of the things that makes coming up with effective treatments so difficult.

Jung said The normal man is a fiction. At no time is that more evident than when I'm talking to a doctor.

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  1. And this is where I think of all the PhD's I know, and the assorted ways in which they are all... interesting people. It takes a special sort of lunacy to survive that program. I say that with love, but also with understanding.