Thursday, December 6, 2012

After the deluge

After a bike trip the transition back to routine is never easy. Life at home does not stand still. Seems like there's always an urgent message from the lawyer waiting.

Lawyer email, check.

I tell myself it makes zero sense to collect stuff that's falling apart in the world. That's a job of infinite proportions. And the bad stuff is not related in any useful way. There's no pattern. Still, a bike tour strips life down to manageable details. Like, where to have lunch. Where to sleep. Away from phones and the Internet, it's serene and quiet. I really notice when that simplicity goes away.

Wednesday morning it was time to wake up and smell the coffee:

This morning Bella capped it all off by abandoning a live rat in the bathroom. When frightened, they jump! And when they jump, you wake up fast. For the Worst Housemate (the WHammy) award, she's the runaway favorite... she brings them in and they run away.

Where's the good stuff?

If life at home has taken on a tinge of nightmare, it might be related to the disturbed sleep and dreams  haunting me for the past month. Every night, starting the night of the Valley Medical debacle. It just occurred to me that it could be related to alcohol. After a head injury, the brain is often more sensitive to alcohol and its effect on neurotransmitters. Maybe it's more sensitive to withdrawal as well. So far haven't found any supporting info, but nothing contradictory either. 

On the plus side Danny swung by Katy's Smokehouse and we now have plenty of canned albacore. A stick of smoked salmon jerky in the fridge has my name on it. Brain food!


  1. Oh, wow - did you catch or eliminate the rat eventually? (I found a mouse in my shoe once. Which is nowhere near as bad, but you're right about waking up quickly.)
    I'm glad that you didn't get sick and that you weren't one of those collisions. Sometimes, we can only take the good and hang onto it.

    1. We do this thing where we put rodent canapes (tasty nibbles) on a 2x4 and prop open the screen in the bathroom window...usually the rodents are hungry and motivated. So far, they use the ramp.