Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Loop the loop

Been sick with flu and still not feeling 100%. Yesterday I kinda shoulda gone to the gym for Spinning or yoga. Today should be Spinnning or yoga. I mean, yoga's pretty low-key. As the hour approached, neither sounded good.

It's a fine day. On impulse I leap on the Waterford and head out to Woodside. Just enough time to fit in a ride before 2, before a bike fitting at Bicycle Outfitter. A ton of pain in my neck and shoulder lately. Dreading a visit to Dr. F, who's convinced cycling is the root of all evil. My immune system is not up to Dr. F. at the moment.

We're in some kind of cold snap the past few days. High temps in the high 40's to low 50's. Woodside is 18 miles into a freezing headwind. I'm happy anyway. Good to be out on the road. Mental note: buy toe booties.

It takes a certain minimum amount of time to inhale a pumpkin cream cheese muffin and small coffee at Roberts Market. Everything in there is good. How many other country stores have hardwood floors and credit accounts for the 1%? Hard not to linger. It's 1:15 by the time I skedaddle.

Luckily a massive tailwind along Foothill pushes me south and I have good light karma too. It's exactly 2:01pm. Mike never shows. But Manager Dave sets me up and measures stuff and lowers the seat a tad and says the Waterford is fine. Check check check.

That's out of the way. When we talk about "structural changes" in my neck at Valley Medical next month, no need to talk about bike fit. Next up, the fixie!

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  1. Dr. F is not alone - I had a doctor tell me that cycling wasn't really exercise because you weren't fighting against gravity. I have to tell you, I never went back. (She bundled her little insight with a whole pack of body shaming, and that was the last straw.)
    I was in Woodside yesterday - we climbed up Old La Honda and then went by the bakery for coffee and sandwiches (have you had the lamb panini? It's awesome! It makes up for the fact that Roberts doesn't make muffalettas anymore). The booties would have been a great idea yesterday too...