Monday, December 24, 2012

Turning two hundred

Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have.
-Rabbi Hyman Schachtel
Seana and Sandy dressed up the tree
It would have been poetic to celebrate today by going for a ride. Today, a clear day among days of torrential rain. (Yesterday 2 inches!) 

Today, the Waterford's 1st birthday.

Today, a festive Yoolis Eve.

Today, the 200th entry in Route 66, a Journey.

But the Waterford can't be here today. The orange bike is celebrating in someone else's car, a kind woman named Kathy. Tomorrow Kathy will drive to San Diego. I'll ride a plane and meet her and the bike to ride the San Diego AYH Christmas Ride.
John and Libby customized the yard sculpture

So Danny and I went for a walk. We found all kinds of bright things. 

It's not possible to list everything there is to be grateful for. Space constraints, etc. A short list:
  • family & friends old and new
  • loyal blog readers (you!)
  • the chance to write about what I'm going through
  • many, many trips to beautiful and interesting places
  • a comfortable, light, loyal orange bike
  • Nature made the Toyon tree
  • the chance to volunteer at SBI, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Bike Exchange
  • Hacker Dojo, with just enough structure
  • learning to live a new life
Go on, try it, try making a list of the bright things around you.

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  1. The yard sculpture additions made me smile. Happy 200th! :)