Friday, January 4, 2013

35 psi

Wrote an email to a friend today. An excerpt:
If you ever are tempted to take a folding bike in a suitcase to Las Vegas, then ride from the airport 9 miles to the house where you're staying, let me know - I'll talk you out of it!
Somehow we made it, me and the Bike Friday and the trailer. Found the way out of McCarran International (hint: go through the parking garage). The little trailer wheels with their 35 psi cheerfully rolled through glass and sand and road anomalies. They bear more than a passing resemblance to the wheels on the landing gear of a passenger jet. Tough.

Sometimes we retreated to the sidewalk. There just isn't much bike infrastructure here. Every bit of road belongs to cars.

It IS flat in Vegas. 20 years from now I envision all manner of bike lanes, like Stockholm.

An older man waiting at a bus stop watched me trundle past, nodding. "I LIKE your alternate mode of transport!" he said. Complete with safety triangle it might as well be an Amish buggy. I gave him a thumbs up.

Route 66, a journey is at BlogWorld (New Media Expo) for the next few days. Staying with Marco and Heather. Learning how to be a blogger! Thanks for sticking with me during the first year.


  1. You're wonderful, sistah! Have fun at Blogworld!!

    The following interview (or portions of it) was rebroadcast on Jan 4th:

    In the segment I heard, he mentions cities with good design and plans to improve pedestrian and bicycle traffic and reduce car convenience: New York, San Francisco, & Portland Oregon. Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas made his list of car-centric cities whose planners haven't got the vision for a more livable and enjoyable and thriving place. Since you're cycling in Las Vegas...

    1. It is interesting. The planners in Vegas might not be on board, but there are plenty of cyclists here. It's just really hard to connect the dots between routes in town, so no commuters that I've noticed.
      You can see how bike lanes and bike-friendly roads start and stop kind of randomly.

  2. I'm glad you made it okay. :) Any plans to do riding in/around Blogworld? There's some beautiful riding out that way.

    1. You bet - Saturday I rode out to Red Rock Canyon. Absolutely beautiful. Something about rocks...and the air is clear there. Sun, today and tomorrow I'm riding back and forth to Blog World. It's about 3.5 miles from where I'm staying. There are good roads to take :-)

      Besides Red Rock, what other good rides are near LV?

    2. I was mostly thinking of Red Rock, I think - though I wonder how the biking is around the Hoover Dam? There are supposed to be some railroad tracks turned trails out that way. I envy you the ride in Red Rock - it was pouring when I went, so I mostly saw the visitors centre.