Friday, January 25, 2013

Art therapy

Took yesterday off. Went to SF MOMA. Blown away by the Jay DeFeo show. Never heard of her before. Loved Jasper Johns too.

Recovery is plenty stressful. Often in the real world when I'm on the spot the right words or actions do not come. On the tip sheet from speech therapy is 'some form of meditation or prayer'. The therapist says she takes mini-breaks, by gazing at a beautiful, calming nature scene. I'm supposed to do whatever works for me.
With the news about the King of Clubs and another neuropsych exam, more stress. The skin on my face and scalp is peeling off, leaving uneven red patches. Looks like an allergic reaction.

What would counteract the physical stress? How many deep-tissue massages? Trips to hot springs. TCHO-a-day. Rides to Pescadero. Bike tours with Meetup. Solar panels on the roof. Sliding shelves in the pantry.

Get a dog (or two). Root out friends who have gone dormant. Help dad with The Book project. Buy a used RV, drive north and park somewhere (like Clam Beach). For a few months.

Whatever it takes to right the sailboat when it leans too far over. The most basic project, the foundation of all projects. The ability to notice when you're upset and soothe your own emotions, one of the key skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Don't worry, I'm not going to preach from Daniel Goleman's book. It has a journalistic, sociological perspective that is helpful for judging the behavior of others. For righting your own sailboat I recommend Come to Your Senses.

Insurance companies know how to upset us and they count on us not knowing how to respond.
There's probably a timeline somewhere on a white board. With a hash mark at 15 months. 'By this point' they say, 'most people have either made a mistake or given up'.

There are other options, like communing with fellow hipster rebels in San Francisco. The ones who make kick-ass Blue Bottle Coffee. Sell medical marijuana. Decorate bikes with stickers and a sumo wrestler horn and a sign (probably) saying "Bicycling Against Oil Wars".

Life as art. Yeah.

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  1. I love that first photo - I may make a trip up to the city to see it too! :)
    What's The Book project? (I love the idea of TCHO, but I stop in there whenever I can for the samples. I wish the beta testing wasn't so expensive.)
    Self-awareness is tough. We've all got our own internal doubter, our own bad habits/thought patterns - and it's all so close as to be invisible if you aren't looking. Seeing it's tough. Acting to correct it's the next level up.