Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Double jeopardy

Back from the Christmas Trip. Happy New Year!
Lawyer email? Check.

The insurance company wants the raw data from my neuropsychological tests. Neuropsych tests are considered the gold standard for proof of mTBI.

It's a good thing, right? They want to see the proof. 16 months after leaving work, I have not seen a dime from them. Could you last 16 months without money coming in? They're betting no.

The insurance company is wholly unconcerned with the truth. They'll take the data and get one of their experts to say it's not mTBI, it's something else. Just like they looked at my medical records and pretended it's possible to see a brain injury on an MRI scan.

Neuropsych tests are considered so private, providers won't even post them online like other medical tests. Neuropsychologists don't want to hand over your own results because they're often upsetting. And now Prudential wants them.

So I'm opening myself up again. More humiliation, more violation of boundaries. The lawyer says we just have to go through it. If we don't cooperate they'll deny the claim outright. Of course, if we do they'll deny it based on some version of reality they cook up.

Caveat emptor. For invisible injuries like mTBI, you do not have private disability insurance. You pay them, your employer pays them, they do not pay. I am kicking myself for giving Prudential additional money every month, to receive a greater percentage of my salary if I was ever disabled. They used that money to do this.

Riding is an honest activity. It's just you and the bike and the weather and the contours of the earth. At no point is it a sham.


  1. :/ I hope it goes better than you fear.

    1. Thank you, I hope so too. This is the second appeal - the initial claim wasn't even looked at by a medical professional. The first appeal they didn't even contact my neurologist, Dr. H. I hope Prudential redeems themselves but I'm also realistic.

      People need to know how insurance companies operate in situation like this, in my opinion. Part of why they're able to continue is, it all goes under the collective radar. We rarely interact with them.