Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Expert Poker

Let's play poker!
The first neuropsychologist. Hard-nosed, clear-headed, low on empathy. The first exam was too short because (Aetna) insurance refused to pay for the full version. It was inconclusive but felt like she was trying to teach me a lesson (she'll beat you if she's able).

The full exam, a marathon, was more successful for diagnosis. That night I slept for 14 hours.

The second neuropsychologist gave a second opinion. Bold, unconventional, helpful, possibly the most helpful of the lot. Depends how he's used.

Time for the third neuropsychologist. Today through the lawyer Prudential requested an Independent Medical Examination. They'll pay this guy to do a third exam. It's an offer we can't refuse. An all-day affair, designed to exhaust the brain.

Their goal is to trump the Queen and Joker to win the game. The King of Clubs has to prove I can still do my job. Or pin those pesky memory, attention, and  mental speed issues on something other than a brain injury.

Normally I'd say good luck with that, Big Guy. But y'know, neuropsychology is more art than science. It's like psychology + physical brain research. It's a pseudoscience, my dad would say. Neuropsychologists view themselves as hard scientists where the rest of the world views them more as artists. Very dangerous territory.

So odds are extremely good the King of Clubs will make something up and substantiate it. He can't help himself. He has nothing to lose.

I don't want my gut to be churning but it is.

Playing card designs from Zarrukan Productions


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