Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Steps, and steps

The steps are sinister - Bella is (usually) not
Monday I stepped out and down toward the yard from the front porch-- missing a step. There are only three...

Landed on the good ankle! Doing something right.

Slowly it's becoming clear that steps are a problem. A couple of near misses in the stairwell at work. A slip and hard landing on my way out to the back yard. A few visits to Dr. F for the lopsided hip.

For me it's perception of space along with (in)attention and balance. I don't notice the gap until it's too late. It's not the flying that's a problem, it's the landing.

Today was the first speech language therapy appointment. Had to fill out paperwork. How medical people love the paperwork! It asked about falls. Had to check the box.

The speech therapist was really really nice. Gave me a cognitive exam that's a fair bit easier than the ones neuropsychologists use. Still flunked a few, not many. They mostly treat stroke at El Camino, not TBI. But it's a lot closer than Valley Medical, they're respectful, they have appointments. This is the price of having those things.

Even when the person giving the test wants to help, it's still a workout. And just have to say was totally the right thing to do, plunging back into work after the accident, pushing myself. Riding all those miles. More pushing at the gym with yoga, Spinning, TRX. Reading and writing every day. I can almost pass for  "normal" with tracking, simple memory tasks, simple language tasks. Not quite, but almost.

Back on Friday. Testing multitasking, or divided attention. That should be a mudfest! And learning strategies. Move on from the Best Memory That Ever Was to one that would be considered decent after a stroke.

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  1. *wince* So the good ankle is still good? I hope?
    I'm glad that there are more medical personnel out there determined to treat people as people rather than numbers/inconveniences.
    Bella's cute. :)