Friday, February 15, 2013

Brain dead

Yesterday was the neuropsych exam. I survived, sort of, but am totally wrung out. Right now I'm capable of staring into space.

Hopefully this was the last one. Its purpose was to determine whether Prudential has to pay out on the disability claim. Most of the tests were different, because they knew which ones I'd already had. Someone asked if there was a machine. Nope, just the King of Clubs and a set of tricks that seem very much like games and puzzles. The clubs fly this way and that until the guy with the PhD knows what my brain can do.

To make matters worse I woke up this morning full of self-loathing and retribution. Convinced my answers will be twisted and taken out of context. This is just the normal fallout. Feeling dirty, and exhausted.

In a perfect world it would be hysterically funny. Thursday he is trying to "decide" whether I have lingering effects from a brain injury. Friday I am running around the house madly trying to get to the gym. Can't locate keys, bike sandals, checkbook, sunglasses. Falling all over myself, late.

Hey if tests can't find something this obvious, you might need new tests.


  1. Glad you made it through - I hope this is the last one and that they FINALLY PONY UP. *hugs*

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Loyal Commenter Extraordinaire