Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thrown for a loop

Yes, I know 30 miles is not a long way. A ride to Woodside, that's the basic thing to do around here. But I'm exhausted. Can't conceive of anything longer or more complicated. So Danny and I ride to Woodside, the Loop. For a reboot.

We see 3, that's 3 Tesla Model S cars along the way. One Model S for every 10 miles. Where else in the world can you get that? 

(Last time, it was 5 Teslas: 2 of the Model S and 3 Roadsters.)

We pass 2 full-bred adult German Shepherds. Nice doggy. And Larry Ellison's Japanese-style gatehouse on Mountain Home Road. Danny said, "We'd need an extra $10 million if you wanted to live on this road".

And I say "That's the great thing about biking. I don't need to live in any of these places. It's about feeling free, having everything you need."

Then we share a fabulous hot panini, tri-tip with garlic and cilantro aioli. In the sun outside Robert's, the country market with hardwood floors.

It's just the thing.

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  1. :) For me, it's the lamb panini at the Woodside Bakery. But he's right about that road - and so are you.