Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five fish

After a Valley Medical episode, what does one do? How to soothe that disturbing mix of helplessness and dread?
  1. Go home and do anything but think about the most obvious fact: there's clearly nothing they can help with right now. This is your life, stuck in neutral.
  2. Gentle Yoga at 12:30 with Shashi.
  3. At Hacker Dojo, surf the web.
  4. Head home a little too early. Assemble ingredients for Orange Glazed Tempeh. On the counter, to help them all actually become part of dinner.
  5. Crack open a bottle of Thomas Fogarty Skyline Red

As I told young Dr. X (another Stanford resident), there are good reasons why I'm still drinking wine. One is to ease the humiliation of neuropsych exams and insurance denials. Any sense of grace and dignity, not to mention fairness - lost.

The other is to deal with the fatigue that dogs my heels every day.  Of course, there is caffeine. The Little Helper! But after consuming stimulants during the day, in the evening how to slow down?

There are a few more reasons, like being unemployable at the moment and having lots of people ask when I'm getting back to work. And by default, being alone during the day. Having no place I absolutely have to show up where other human beings expect me. Except Valley Medical...

It turns out it doesn't really matter what the reasons are. The reasons for not drinking after brain injury are better (see 2.1).

For soothing purposes today after Spinning I went and stuck myself in a pool of hot H20. It really helped with outlook as well as neck and shoulder pain.

No glass of wine with dinner.

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  1. I have an 8 foot tall cabinet half full of bottles of red wine. I am told to not touch it. For now, I can remember how it feels just to think of alcohol and vomiting. But I will get back to it. And my beer stash too.